Questions About Bathtub Resurfacing

Q: My bathtub is in really poor condition with rust spots, chips and is rough to touch. Can it still be resurfaced?
A: No problem. In order to resurface your bathtub, all chips,rust and other surface imperfections are treated and repaired prior to resurfacing.

Q: How long does it take to resurface my bathtub?
A: It usually takes around 4-5 hours and completely usable in 24 hours.

Q: Will my bathtub have to be removed?
A: There is no need to remove your bathtub as all the resurfacing work is done in situ.

Q: The drain in my bath is all rusty and discoloured. Can you do anything about it ?
A: No problem, we supply and fit a new chrome insert with every bathtub we resurface, included in the price.

Q: Are there any odours or dust during resurfacing ?
A: Yes there are. But as we completely seal off the bathroom and use powerful extractors during resurfacing very little odour escapes the bathroom.

Q: My kitchen is in good condition, I like the lay out but it just looks dated. Can this be resurfaced.
A: Certainly. Your cabinets and doors can be resurfaced in a variety of finishes. And benchtops can also be resurfaced to give the appearance of granite with a variety of colours and finishes