Resurfacing Bathrooms – My Story

I have been resurfacing bathrooms since 1981, and over 30 years experience and knowledge under my belt.

I originally started spray painting in the automotive industry, working for a prestige vehicle body repairers in the UK, for BMW, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes etc… eventually working my way up to workshop manager, before Australia beckoned in 2005.

One thing you learn working on top line vehicles is that there is no margin for error, if something appears not quite right, then it isn’t. That’s where my keen eye and attention to detail come in handy.

After leaving Manchester for Adelaide, my aim was to buy my own crash shop, but after a few months I decided I needed a new challenge. I needed to find something I already had the skills for, but in a different environment.

Resurfacing bathrooms came up one night after a discussion with a friend of mine who was selling his house. He reckoned the one thing that was holding up the sale was his beautiful PINK bathtub and wall tiles. One day he asked me,
“You’re in the trade, why don’t you spray paint them, resurface them?”

Now that was something I would consider, but after using dozens of different materials over the years you realize that simple industrial ‘paint’ is not going to do the job.

After searching the internet for a product specifically designed for resurfacing bathrooms, bathtubs and tiles, I found one I had heard of many years ago, it was a well known and trusted brand with great product reviews within the resurfacing bath industry, so I decided to see for myself and purchased some.

Resurfacing Solutions Started by Word of Mouth

My friend’s bath was the first bath resurfacing job I did… The transformation was amazing and within four weeks his house was sold. Word of mouth followed, another bath resufraced for a friend and then a friend of a friend, and so on.

It was great to hear that this service was in great demand. Now, the thing I enjoyed about those early jobs, and still do today, is the customer’s reaction to their newly resurfaced bathroom or kitchen it completely rejuvenates and restores the room. Seeing their faces gave me an amazing feeling of pride.

Now I knew that this was the way to go, so I bought a bath resurfacing franchise from a large bath resurfacing franchise group, but after a while I realized that it just wasn’t the way I wanted to go. The major reason was I felt I had more knowledge and better techniques that the franchise process and so I started Resurfacing Solutions SA.

Best Products and Technology

The best part of having my own business is being able to source and use the very best resurfacing products available on the market today.

Without the overheads or fees to third parties, I quote the work and I do the work which means that I can offer the customer a more competitive price too.

Corporate Resurfacing Clients

I also carry out bath resurfacing and benchtop repairs work for many of Adelaide’s leading Real Estate agents, hotel chains and property management groups.

I know that by choosing Resurfacing Solutions SA, you will get a quality, professionally finished product that has been carried out by a time served tradesman.

With an end result YOU can be proud of, and one that I will be proud of too.

Kind regards,