Wall Tile Resurfacing

We bring all types of wall tiles back to new. Cracks are hidden, chips repaired, grouting revitalized, gloss restored.

  • Kitchen wall tiles – even those in wet areas.
  • Bathroom styles, shower tiles and vanity tiles.

Your tiles are resurfaced in place saving about 75% of the cost of replacing the tiles.

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How we resurface wall tiles:

Bathroom Tile Resurfacing
Adelaide Tile Resurfacing
 Wall tiles become worn-out over time. Resurfacing Solutions SA offer exceptional wall tile restoration services at a great price.


Before the wall tiles are resurfaced our experts check the condition of the existing grout to make sure that it is in good condition. If not, we re-grout any areas we feel need attention.

Cracks and Chip Repair

Any cracks and chips are repaired and any old silicone sealer is carefully removed.

Thorough Cleaning

A pre-cleaner is then used to remove any soap build up with close attention payed to any areas affected by mould and mildew.

Tiles Etched

From there your bathroom is completely masked out to eliminate any overspray, before treating the tiles with a powerful etching chemical.

Bonding and Coating

After that, your tiles are re-cleaned and dried before applying a bonding agent to allow the finishing acrylic coating to be applied.


Once dry, your bathroom is resealed, unmasked and professionally detailed.

Cost Effective – quicker & cheaper by 75%

Don’t put up with tired, faded wall tiles any longer. A wall tile resurfacing service from Resurfacing Solutions in Adelaide is a cost effective way to restore your tiles to their prime. So, call now or request a quote and let bring your tiles back to life.

Call: 0410 898 156

And the end result… tiles as good as new (or better)!