Kitchen Resurfacing – Benchtops/Cabinets

Old or damaged kitchen benchtops and kitchen cabinets restored

Kitchen hazards like knives and hot water mean your bench tops will become easily damaged.
After a few years your smart kitchen may not be that smart anymore.

Kitchen resurfacing of your benchtops, kitchen cabinets and flashbacks is the most cost effective way of undertaking kitchen renovations.

We provide unique benchtop resurfacing services which means repairing the bench top is cheaper than replacing it.

We don’t remove the kitchen sink or built in appliances. We work around them. This cuts your benchtop repair inconvenience, speeds up the kitchen restoration and limits the amount of kitchen collateral damage (to nil), but still gives stunning results.

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Perfect Benchtop Colours or Granite Benchtop / Marble Benchtop Effects

The benchtop resurfacing technique is highly durable, high gloss.

You choose modern kitchen colours or superb granite benchtop effects for a granite kitchen makeover.

Restore and revitalise your damaged kitchen surfaces and avoid the expense of a full kitchen restoration.

Kitchen Before and after

Steps to Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing & Bench Top Restoration

  1. To begin with, we remove the doors and drawers and take them away to be resurfaced.
  2. Then the cabinets are pre-cleaned and your kitchen is completely masked out, isolating it from the rest of the house to eliminate overspray.
  3. Your cabinets are prepared and inspected for any surface damage, primed, and resurfaced in a colour and finish of your choice.

This same process applies to bench tops. We also offer a range of over 20 stunning granite effect colours to choose from.

This not just Painting Kitchen Cupboards

We can also have your kitchen cabinets and doors resurfaced in a high gloss or satin finish colour of your choice and your splash back tiles can be re-grouted and resurfaced in a high gloss colour.

Kitchen renovations can be messy and cause real inconvenience.
Our resurfacing solutions are quick, effective and affordable.

Call us today or request a quote and find out how we can transform your kitchen bench tops and cabinets.

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