We Have Mastered Bathroom Resurfacing

We restore and repair the stained, dull, scratched and chipped bathroom furniture and baths without destroying your bathroom in the process. The results are very durable, hot water resistant, scratch resistant and look fantastic. We can match existing colours or create surfaces in exactly the colour you want.

Restore Bathroom Fixtures the Easy, Inexpensive Way

  • Built In Baths and Spa Baths. You clean it and it still looks dirty. The gloss and shine has gone down the drain!
  • Claw Foot, stand alone baths, Cast Iron baths – vintage or modern – scratched and chipped surfaces, a rusty look at the bottom of the bath!
  • Hand Basin dropped in (maybe it was your pride and joy 10 years ago) moulded Vanity basins, Pedestal basins – lackluster and dull surfaces, scratches from when he dropped the spanner!
  • Shower Floors and shower surfaces, and

Bath Restoration MAGIC – No plumbers needed

You don’t have to replace your bath – rip up the floor, cart out the bath, rip up the tiles, re-lay the tiles, buy a new expensive bath and go and mine for GOLD to pay for it all. We undertake resurfacing, chip and scratch repair, colour matching all right there in your bathroom to achieve a sparkling result. The treatment is quick and long lasting using high tech, high adhesive solutions.

How we resurface and repair your bathroom:

Resurfacing Solutions SA are experts in bathroom resurfacing. With – years restoring worn-out bathrooms, our professional resurfacing team follow a step by step process, proven to rejuvenate and add style to even the most worn-out bathrooms.

Super Clean the Tub

First, we clean the bathtub from top to bottom, removing any soap residue from the surface and scrubbing away any residual grime.

Bonding Agent & 3 Layers of Coating

The bathtub is then washed, masked out and a bonding agent is applied, followed by 3 layers of coating.

Resealing Edges

Once the coating is dry, the edges of the bathtub are resealed with silicone and a new chrome waste insert is fitted.

Final Detailing

Finally, bathroom is unmasked and professionally detailed.